Betty's List

Welcome. This is Betty's List, the limited postings version of the BPI Networking List. - You will get just a few emails per year about BPI events. - All Betty's List postings also go to the BPI NetList, so no need to subscribe to both. As a Betty's List subscriber, you are welcome to post announcements to the bigger BPI Networking List. (use the "Post" button on our homepage) Announcements posted there will go to 700 local therapists. Please note, unless you are subscribed to the bigger BPI NetList you will not actually see your posting, that is, it will not be delivered to your own inbox.
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Reed Lindberg
Betty Cannon

BPI has two Networking Lists. There's the full Net List - a Daily-Digest - where you can keep an eye on the local psychotherapy community and make your own professional information available. And there is Betty's List. It's a few emails per year about BPI events only - such as our workshops, classes and The Annual Networking Party. - To post announements - use the "Post" button on our homepage (include the subject line you like to have seen) - - It will go to the entire list of 700 + local therapists.

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